Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ashton Kutchers Shoulder Tattoo

Ashton Kutchers Tattoo
The Movie star ashton kutcher thought it would be nice to get an A tattooed on his left shoulder. I bet the girls are loving it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NBA Player Derrick Rose Tattoos

Derrick Rose Tattoos
The Bull point guard derrick rose has tattoos on his hand and shoulder. The shoulder tattoo is of a Basketball Wizard Tattoo. The Tattoo on his hand is a basketball net and some tattooed writings. Derrick rose is out of the hood now and is killing people on the court. so good luck with more tats d rose.
Derrick Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Derrick Rose Gang Tattoos throwing up Blood and Gang Signs

Marijuana & Weed 420 Tattoos

Marijuana Leaf Tattoo on Girl
A tattoo is a permanent marking on you body so if you get a 420 tattoo or marijuana tattoo then you must love smoking weed. The weed logo is a very cool logo tho i would say. but i wouldn't get weed tattooed on my body.

420 Tattoo and Marijuana

Weed leaf Colored tattoo on arm

Friday, July 22, 2011

WWE Wrestler Batista Tattoos

Batista's tattoos are very original. He has tattoos on his arms and back check out these Batista Back Tattoos Pictures
Batista Shows off his arm tattoo

Batista Back tattoo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kim Kardashian Tattoo

Old tattoo On left Shoulder
New TRAMP STAMP AHHA ...JUST IN...Looking from her Manhattan suite
Wow i never thought my buddy would be able to get this shot for me. Them karashians are so hot!

Opinions On Wiz New Leg Tattoo ALSO AMBER ROSE tattoo


Tyler the Creators New Tattoo

New Generation Rappers Wanna be inked up?

 His Tattoo On Side of Body saying : "OFWGKTA"

Check out Adam Sandlers Tattoos

Adam sandlers tattoo on his hip

Rey Mysterio's Back Tattoo

Picture of Rey Mysterio Back Tattoo. WWE Superstar Tatoos

Birdman's Head Tattoos

Check out these pictures of birdmans tattoos on his head. He has a red star on top of his head as well as tear.

All of Mike Tyson's Tattoos

Here are pictures of all of Mike Tyson's Tattoos. He has tattoos on his face as well as other parts of his body like his arms.

Mike Tyson arm tattoo mao

All mike tyson's tattoos
Mike Tyson face and left arm tattoo
Tyson days of grace arm tattoo

Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo Pictures

Check out these pictures of Mike Tyson's tattoo. The famous boxer has a tribal tattoo on his face. Not very original but whatever I'm not gonna argue with Mike about it.

Mike Tyson Face Tattoo
Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Check Out Arnold Schwarzenegger's Tattoos

Arnold Schwarzenegger body tattoos

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have any tatoos on his body?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Arm Tattoos

Look at Sylvester Stallone's Tattoos

Sylvester Stallone Chest Tattoo
The famous action star Sylvester Stallone now has chest arm and back tattoos in his old age
Sylvester Stallone Getting a Tattoo Done

Monday, July 18, 2011

Christofer Drew's Inspiring Tattoos!

1. He has truth tattooed on his inner bottom lip that he got done in Austin, Texas right after a show for the AP Tour 2010. It was on March 20th.
2. He has "Love is my Weapon" on his upper chest to symbolize that he attempts a life of love.
3. A large dove underneath the "Love is my Weapon" tattoo to symbolize peace in his heart.
4. He has hands under the dove on his chest that look like they're setting it free.
5. A sun on his right shoulder to symbolize beginning.
6. A moon on his left shoulder to symbolize ending.
7. An angel under the sun on his upper forearm.
8. An angel under the moon on his upper forearm.
9. A live tree on his right shoulder under the sun to symbolize life.
10. A dead tree on his left shoulder under the sun to symbolize death.
11. A band on his right bicep under the tree to symbolize good.
12. A band on his left bicep under the tree to symbolize evil.
13. A yin-yang sign on his right elbow.
14. A yin-yang sign on his left elbow.
15. Three circles on his right arm on the opposite side of the yin-yang sign.
16. three circles on his left arm on the opposite side of the yin-yang sign. There are two empty ones with a filled-in one in the middle.
17. A black bird on his right elbow under the yin-yang sign.
18. A black bird on his left elbow under the yin-yang sign.
19. The Greek symbol for beginning on his right forearm.
20. The Greek symbol for end on his left forearm.
21. The Chinese symbol for Taoism inside a circle and two bands on his right wrist.
22.The Chinese symbol for Taoism inside a circle and two bands on his right wrist. --He got the two Chinese tatts done on April 22 live on Ustream. His buddy Craig Beasle did these two tatts.
22.5 Teeny-tiny stars inside his Chinese tattoos were first spotted in his "join the revolution" picture of him pouring coooookie crisps that he posted on June 5th. He probably got the tatt on June 1st when he tweeted the word "ouch". :)
--i consider them as one tattoo
23. He very recently got an intricate design to fill in his right arm that extennd from the bands to the Chinese tattoo.
24. An eye on the top of his right wrist.
25. An eye on the top of his left wrist.
--I'm assuming they represent the "all seeing eye."
26. "BLIND" over the eye on his right wrist.
27. "TRUTH" over the eye on his left wrist.
28. Lines beaming down toward the anchor on his right hand.
29. Lines beaming down toward the anchor on his left hand.
--I'm assuming they are showing how the eye is looking down over each anchor symbolizing each of his parents.
30. Three dots at the bottom right of the lines on his right hand.
31. A circle similar to the ones on his arm at the bottom left of the lines on his right hand.
32. Faith in Hebrew on his right wrist to symbolize his Jesus. It was his first tattoo. --He got it done in a trailer park when he was 16.
33. An anchor on his right hand with his mother's initials; N.K.-Nancy Keifner
34. An anchor on his left hand with his father's initials; E.I.-Edward Ingle
35. "LIVE" across his knuckles on his right hand.
36. "FREE" across his knuckles on his left hand.
37. A small cross on his right thumb knuckle.
38. A treble clef on his right thigh.
39. A bass clef on his left thigh.
40. A peace sign on his left foot to symbolize how he tries to walk with the intent of spreading pace.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Tattoos: Arms, Chest & WB

Carmelo Anthony who plays for the New York Knicks has a ton of tattoos on his neck back shoulders and arms. Most Pictures of Carmelo tattoos are in his Denver nuggets uniform. Carmelo has nice Tattoos.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Looks Like Eminem Needs a "Recovery" from Tattoos

All jokes aside, these are some really nice tats.

Rick Genest Tattoos Defines Art

The face of Mugler, "The Zombie" Rick Genest, has a very interesting taste of tattoos. I guess these are how he expresses himself. The whole concept is skeleton if you take a close look. I really love these! Go Rick!!

Travis Barker's Tattoo Addiction

Although he needs help, his tats are pretty amazing. Can't lie. I always wanted tats on my neck, hmm.


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