Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hand tattoo illuminati owl

This hand tattoo is very movie it's of an owl and he has a fly tattooed on his finger. the guy who has this hand tattoo is very disturbed but who cares to have a cool hand tattoo like this is very fun.

Tiger tattoo on shoulders

I love animals and to have a tiger tattoo on you is something special tigers are great animals in the represent strength and wisdom this tattoo of this tiger is great.

4 hot girl tattoos on chest and butt

I think girls with tattoos are very hot expescially when they're on their b*** or chest even when they have tattoos on the back it's cool women should more often get tattoos here we have some tattoos of women with tattoos on the arm lower ABS and butt.

2 Random tattoos

If yo decide to get a deer tattooed on your chest you wont be the first one.


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